What I Wish I were Wearing on Thanksgiving

This 100% silk dress by Ganni is still on my sidebar of Favorite Things.  It's now on sale for 30% off and because I'm going to a beautiful restaurant for Thanksgiving instead of sweating in my own kitchen (temps are supposed to be in the 90's here) I would love nothing more than to be wearing this.  I'd put my hair up in a messy bun and wear my slingbacks.  How pretty would that be?

Or This one from Ganni - also 100% silk, also 30% off.  Because we finally pulled the trigger and are having a custom closet put in, this will sadly not be hanging in it 😞.  BUT I know how grateful I am that I am getting this closet makeover.  OMG, it will be a game-changer for storage in this house.  So I will stop whining any minute now.

But still... 😬
What are you wearing on Thanksgiving?  Details please. x

November Garden

I planted these chrysanthemums 3 years ago for Alex and B's wedding and so far they keep coming back.  It's hard not to remember that beautiful day when they come into bloom. 

They really brighten up an otherwise tired landscape this time of year.  I have so much work to do still regarding other garden areas.  Namely the rose garden which I will do a separate post on.
Lots of decisions for that area.

Do any of you remember Alex and B's wedding we had here?  If not or if you are new, I included a video link of the day.  I'm still struck by how frugal the whole affair was.  And the house was red then!

Signature Gift Wrap

There is one thing I rarely spend money on and that is gift wrap.  I know people who have entire gift wrap stations and even wrapping rooms. My gift wrap is contained in the drawer of the above desk.  I wrap all my gifts the same for all occasions, white paper and black ribbon.  Sometimes I'll use a white bag in which case I'll put their initial on the bag too.  I never get bored of this combo and I think it looks quite chic all while being very cost effective.

I save all white or off white paper I come across in my daily life and then wrap it up with either this black twine or a prettier black ribbon.

I've reused this bag to Alex a zillion times!  I believe this is an old Pottery Barn bag but I just sharpied it out until I got to the A.  😁  That's my signature wrap.  What kind of wrapper are you?  Fancy or plain?  x

Don't Overlook the Men's Department

Whenever I enter a 2nd hand shop I always look in the men's department first.  Traditionally menswear is not loaded with fast fashion.  The styles are much more traditional, the fabrics are almost always superior and the cost is less.  I found this white sweater last year at our local Goodwill.  The tag was cut out so I don't know the brand but my guess would be Nordstrom or a similar store because of the weight and fabric.

Underneath the sweater is a Hanes V-neck Tee.  These are indispensable to me.  I wear them with everything from gardening to yoga.

The pants are Wrangler mens size 31.  I had no idea I'd love the fit so well but I do.  So don't rule out the men for tee's, pants and shirts.  Would you or do you shop in this department?  Share all your shopping secrets below please. xo

Gift Idea #1 - Beauty in a Blender

Can a blender change your life?  Probably not but it certainly can improve it.  I put off buying this blender for years because mine seemed adequate to me.  And besides, a $500 blender is a huge splurge for us but Oh. My. God, there is just no comparison. Did you know that 80% of the nutrition in an apple is in the core and seeds?  I didn't.  It's that way with most fruits and vegetables.  My old blender was strong and I thought sufficient but ladies and gentleman, this is the rock star of the blending world.

Each morning I make a smoothie that's full of apples, pears and pineapple with the cores included.  A banana for some sweetness and potassium and tons of greens that are full of vitamins and minerals.

Dinner has been hot soups that you make right in the blender too. The speed is so fast that it actually heats the soup.  It's considered a raw soup because it does not get over 140 degrees, so again nutrients are flooding your system.

I've always maintained that the best way to beautiful skin is through what we eat and this blender brings it to a whole new level.  It's impossible to get all the nutrients from the whole food itself because our teeth cannot break down the cores and stems of the whole fruit like the Vitamix does.  Thus we pass most of the vitamins and minerals through our digestive system without the body getting all that good nutrition.  The ingredients are so pulverized by the Vitamix that the smoothie never separates either. The end result is as thick and creamy as you like it.  I'm mostly blending apples, oranges, cucumbers and spinach atm.

Oh yes, and I'm now making my own almond milk.  Just one cup of pre-soaked almonds to about 6 cups of water.  Blend for 60 seconds and I'm done.  No separating the mixture through a nutbag.  I have more than enough almond milk to last a week.  It's incredible.

This is the exact model of mine.  Although this one is a refurbished model, which I'm sure is guaranteed too.  Look around and find one that fits you best!

We  did purchase ours from Amazon and as you'll see there are many models and different sizes to choose from. 

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